Monday, June 2, 2014

Philadelphia With Ben Franklin

Dogs need love'n to.  Upon awakening, Baloo is demanding attention from Michael.  They snuggle up on Baloo's massive bed spending a little time together before we're off for the day.
bernise mountain dog, philadelphia
Our day began with a trip to the Franklin Institute by mistake.  Michael, "bless his heart", thought he purchased tickets to the Philadelphia Museum Of Arts.  Instead of a day of Art History we were overtaken with children.  They were everywhere.  Then making the best of it, we looked at the exhibits, trying some out, but many were not working.   
benjamin franklin, franklin institute, philadelphia
Benjamin Franklin
Franklin Institute, baseball
Michael throwing for speed.
Franklin Institute, baseball
Delia testing her speed.
Franklin Institute, pulleys
Me and Michael using pulleys to lift ourselves.
Franklin Institute
Franklin Institute
Delia and Michael at the Franklin Institute.
Planning ahead, we go to Reading Terminal Market to buy what we needed for tomorrow night's dinner.  Reading Terminal is one of the oldest farmers markets in the country.  The market is huge with many different stalls of fresh produce, fish, various selections of local and international favorites.  Stone and I were overwhelmed with so much to choose. We were like kids in a candy store, we wanted it all.  Michael and Delia toured us through the entire market and then asked, where would you like to eat lunch, as there are multiple eating establishments throughout the market.  We made our selections and sat among the many people who were there eating and shopping. We quickly devoured our lunch and made our plans on what we will need for our upcoming dinner tomorrow evening.  We decided to split up as Stone and Delia were off to select the most important of our purchases, donuts for breakfast from Beiler's Donuts  They bought a dozen of various kinds.  Stone stopped as he walked through the isles to explain to unknown people about the different kinds and tell of his favorite, PLAIN glazed!!!!  Michael and I headed over to the fish market, Wan's Seafood to buy the biggest shrimp I have every seen and then to the butcher, Giunta's Prime Shop  for the sirloin steak.  The meats done, we make our way over to the fresh produce to purchase our salad fixings.  With our shopping done, we meet up with Stone and Delia to head home.  
Reader Market Terminal, philadelphia, Belier's donuts
Michael with Stone as he explains his favorite donut to a passer by.

Readers Market Terminal
Reading Terminal Market

Readers Market Terminal, Belier's Donuts, PHILADELPHIA
Delia, Michael and Stone at Reading Terminal Market with donuts that was purchased from Beiler's Donuts,

Readers Market Terminal, PHILADELPHIA
Me and Michael purchasing our produce.

Readers Market Terminal, PHILADELPHIA
Michael, too many decisions.

Readers Market Terminal, Beiler's Donuts, PHILADELPHIA
Stone excited about his purchase from Beiler's Donuts.
We make it home, put away our purchases, and take Speck and Baloo to the dog park for about an hour.  They are so cute running wild with all there friends.  It was a beautiful day so the park was full.  They would run and play, then come over just to make sure you where still there and watching them. They are so much like children and then they would be off again.  Evening arrived, and its been a long day.  We decided to go to PYT for dinner.  A semi-retro diner with classic or maybe not so classic diner food and milk shakes.  What makes their's different is you can get a burger on a donut, and milkshakes with alcohol.  Who wouldn't like that???
PYT, Philadelphia, cornhole
Michael and Stone playing Cornhole while waiting for our table at PYT.
PYT,Philadelphia, birthday cake shake, pinnacle cake vodka
Delia's Birthday Cake Shake with Pinnacle Cake Vodka.

PYT, Philadelphia, peanut butter bacon time shake, vanilla vodka
Michael's Peanut Butter Bacon Time with Vanilla Vodka.

PYT,Philadelphia, banana john foster, sailor jerry rum, banana liqueur
Stone's Bananas John Foster with Sailor Jerry Rum and Banana Liqueur.

PYT, Philadelphia, adult milk shake
Adult Milk Shakes

PYT,Philadelphia, the doh! nut burger, donut
Michael's The Doh! Nut Burger, yes it's served on a donut.

Stone's Classic Cheese Burger.

PYT, PHILADELPHIA, BUFFALO Chicken Salad,  buffalo chicken
Delia's Buffalo Chicken Salad

PYT, Philadelphia, spicy summer gazpacho, tomatoes, tostados
This would be mine, the Spicy Summer Gazpacho.