Sunday, June 5, 2016

Graduation Day

Baileigh-Robert-Brandon (The Graduate)-Stacy

Robert (Dad)-Brandon (the Graduate)-Stacy (mom)-Me (Aunt Bee)-Deborah (Grandma)-Baileigh (sister)

It's that time of year that graduations are taking place all over the country.   Among those was my nephew Brandon.  With boys being so difficult to buy for, my mama said she was going to give him money.  With a little assistance from me, well maybe more than a little, this is how she presented it.  A Money Cake.  How cool is that?   Two hundred brand new, rolled dollar bills, topped with candy.  Seriously this might be the easiest cake I have ever made.  No baking required, and it would have been fat-free but I just had to add Hershey's Kisses, Lindt Truffles and Hershey's Nuggets.  It's chugged full of chocolate's.

 Deborah (Grandma)-Brandon

Mama was talking the other day saying Brandon sure is going have a time unrolling  and ironing all those bills.  I said, "Yeah, but then he can honestly say he worked for it."

Money Cake
Green Styrofoam Disks-Top: 1 15/16" X 3 7/8"-Middle: 1 15/16" X 7 7/8"-Bottom: 1 15/16" X 9 7/8"
200 ($1.00) new bills, if possible
Gold Metallic Ribbon
large rubber bands for holding bills in place
Graduation topper
Glue Gun
candy (optional)

After helping mama with her gift, I came up with a creative way to give Brandon his graduation present from Stone and I.  With fifty brand new one dollar bills I began folding them into bow ties.  This did take some time.   Then I entertwined the bills through the ribbons, thus making the sash.

Uncle Stone-Brandon-Me (Aunt Bee)

Money Sash
50 ($1.00) new bills
7/8" X 7 yds. Blue Ribbon
3/8" X 30ft. Yellow Ribbon
Fold each bill into bow ties.  Using ribbon, weave in-between dollar bills.  This will hold them together.  With extra ribbon make tassels.

 Brandon receiving his diploma.


 Brandon and sister Baileigh

 Youth and Technology

 Me ( Aunt Bee)-Baileigh

One Proud Papa


Through tears she watched as her first born received his diploma, proud of the man he has become.

Me (Aunt Bee)-Brandon-Uncle Stone

 One happy graduate.

Stone and Robert