Thursday, June 5, 2014

First Time Attractions In Philadelphia

I am a big fan of Rocky, so of course I wanted to see the "Rocky Statue" and the "Rocky Steps".  After watching his movies, I always felt as though I could conquer the world.  I quickly realized that it was not possible.  We hurriedly took pictures of the statue and then decided to run the famous Rocky Steps.  Well, maybe not all of us, but all did make it to the top, "99 steps",  revealing a great view of Benjamin Franklin Parkway and the Philadelphia Skyline. We took numerous pictures and descended the stairs. This was a lot easier that going up.  From hither we walked back, passing the Fairmont Water Works, now placed on the National Register Of Historic Places.  It currently houses a restaurant and interpretive center. We continue on, seeing other sites.   Philadelphia, known as the City of Brotherly Love, has a Love sign in Love Park.  Of course, I had to see this and have a picture.  There where tons of people at the park, numerous having their picture taken with the sign.  We wait our turn and snap our shots. Since there was a crowd at the square, we quickly leave, having got what we came for.  Walking back to the train, we pass John F. Kennedy Blvd, where the Historic City Hall is located. This building is impressive with beautiful architecture and colossal size.
rocky statue, philadelphia museum of art
The Rocky Statue

rocky steps, philadelphia museum of art
Rocky Steps at the Art Museum

rocky steps, philadelphia museum of art
Me and Delia Running The Rocky Steps

philadelphia museum of art, rocky steps
Delia and Michael

benjamin franklin parkway, philadelphia skyline
Benjamin Franklin Parkway and The Philadelphia Skyline

faimount water works, philadelphia
Fairmont Water Works

philadelphia, boathouse row
Michael  eyeing Boathouse Row

love sign,love park, philadelphia
Love Sign at Love Park

historic court house, philadephia
Historic Court House