Monday, June 16, 2014

The Hitmen At The Cove

As dusk approached we loaded up the car with Lucy, our folding chairs and drove to The Cove.  She was so excited to go along.  The Cove,  on Fort Loudoun Lake, consists of  fishing, paddling and a swimming beach.  On land, they have a volleyball court and walkways.  Every second Saturday of the month, beginning in June though September, they have a concert in the evenings.  As we arrived, the lot was full as I expected, leading us to park in the overfill parking.  As we unloaded from the car, Lucy was so excited. There were so many people, she was like a kid in a candy store.  We made our way over to where the concert was to be held  and numerous people had gathered waiting for the music to begin.  Stone and I chose our location and set up our chairs.  Meanwhile, Lucy was getting so much attention, mostly from children wanting to pet her and adults asking the same question, "what is she?"  I held Lucy while the little ones came up to her and with one finger, they would touch the top of her head.  I guess they are not sure were to pet since she is a hairless dog.  Then there's the adults with the same questions I have answered for seven years.  Things like, was she born that way? Do you have to shave her?  Does she get sun burned?   Do you have to put lotion on her to keep her skin from drying out?  Now understand, I don't mind these questions. I would be asking the same ones if Lucy wasn't mine.  Some make the comment that she's so ugly, she cute. This to, we are used to hearing.  What can we say, this breed of dog has more than once won the Ugliest Dog Contest. Our Lucy would never win such a competition.   We settled in our chairs as the music began. The beach area was full as parents listened to the melody while their children swam.  Boats gathered around the lake as the sound carried across the water. This band was superb. Music from the 60's, 70's and 80's filled the air with hits from Stevie Wonder, The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Billy Joel, Lynyrd Skynyrd, and Carlos Santana. They played one song after another while a crowd of ladies line danced along the water.  This is still on my list to learn. Moms played kickball with their children as families grilled, filling the air with this wonderful aroma of barbecue and making me very hungry.   Children of all ages passed by with very colorful snow cones.  I kept eyeing each, wanting one, but resisted. As the band was playing their final song, Black Magic Woman,  I didn't want to leave this tranquil setting.  Slowly we gathered our chairs, walked to our car and drove home, anticipating the next concert at The Cove.

The Hitmen, Fort Loudoun Lake, Knoxville TN, The Cove
The Hitmen

The Cove, Knoxville Tn, The Hitmen, Band, Music, Fort Loudoun Lake
The Hitmen

The Cove, Knoxville TN, Hairless Chinese Crested, music
Lucy and I

Fort Loudoun Lake, The Cove, Knoxville TN
Boats gather on Fort Loudoun Lake

The Cove, Fort Loudoun Lake, Knoxville TN
Swimming Beach at The Cove

Hairless Chinese Crested
Stone and Lucy

The Hitmen, The Cove, Knoxville TN, Fort Loudoun Lake
Drummer for The Hitmen
From what era is your favorite music?