Sunday, June 1, 2014

Dinner and Monopoly

Last night, Stone and I were dinner guest of Michael and Delia.  Michael was in charge of cooking the meats and sautéed vegetables, while Delia prepared the chili corn salsa.  These two work well as a team in the kitchen, while their two dogs, Speck and Baloo wandered in sporadically to make sure that nothing has been dropped and needs to be cleaned up.  Both take this job very seriously.  On the menu tonight is Fajita Tacos with a chili corn salsa.  The bacon is fried, cooled and chopped; the vegetables sautéed in the bacon grease, while the sirloin steak was cooked to perfection.   As the chili corn salsa was coming together, I observed, it's not everyday that my son cooks dinner for me.  I taught Michael how to cook, which he will admit, but he says that he perfected it.  I'm not sure what he means by that. Maybe one day we will have a cook off.  But for the time being I'm going to just enjoy being fed.  We gathered around their make due dining table with our plates and wine glasses full, toasting our evening together.  Our food was consumed. As we lingered over our wine, we reflected over our day while enjoying cookies  we had picked up previously during our afternoon outing from Hope's Cookies.  Deciding late in the evening to play Monopoly, we quickly cleared the table and stayed up until 1:30 A.M.  when Michael finally won the game.
Philadelphia, avocados, bell peppers
Michael mashing the avocado.

Philadelphia, wine
Stone showing Michael the wine for the evening.

Philadelphia, bacon, sirloin steak
Michael cooking the vegetables and Sirloin.

Philadelphia, corn on the cob
Delia preparing the chili-corn salsa.

Philadelphia, bacon, sirloin steak
Michael cooking the meats.

Philadelphia, guacamole

Philadelphia, onion, peppers
Full kitchen...

Bernese Mountain Dog, Philadelphia
Michael and Baloo

Philadelphia, chili corn salsa, onion
Delia preparing the chili-corn salsa.

Philadelphia, onion, pepper, chili corn salsa
Chili-Corn Salsa

Philly, sirloin steak
Michael slicing up the Sirloin.

Bernese, Philadelphia
Baloo watching for dropped food, didn't happen!

Speck enjoying a taste of sour cream.

Our wine for the evening, along with some flowers Michael brought home for Delia.

Fajita's, Philadelphia
Putting together the tacos.



Fajita's, Philidelphia
Time for dinner.

Michael, full and content.

It's a good night.

Hope's cookies, m&m's, chocolate
Our dessert: cookies form Hope's Cookies.

Michael winning the game at 1:30 A.M..

monopoly, wine, philadelphia
Delia about to loose, along with Stone and I.
What is the longest it has ever taken you to complete a round of monopoly?