Friday, June 6, 2014

Dinner At Michael and Delia's On Our Last Night In Philadelphia

Our day had come to an end, and it was our last night in Philadelphia. Michael and Delia prepared dinner for us at home. We started with an appetizer of cheeses and crackers which had been purchased at Riehls Cheese Shop in the Reading Terminal Market the day before.  My first taste was of the Coburn Port Wine Cheese.  Yes, it was very good, but let me tell you I had never, ever had Chocolate Cheese Fudge.  Wow, this stuff is AMAZING!!!!!! I had to make myself stop.  I know it's really a dessert cheese instead of an appetizer, but I just had to have some at that moment.  Why did I have that young lady cut us a smaller portion????? What was I thinking? Apparently I wasn't.
Philadelphia, Cheese, Wheat thins, riehls cheese shop
Coburn Port Wine Cheese-Chocolate Cheese Fudge-Wheat Thins
Delia and I set their "make due" table, while Michael was in the kitchen cooking.  Michael, living in an apartment with no access to a grill, has learned why the chefs in restaurants do not grill their meats, opting to cook them stove top and at times finish them off in the oven.  They tasted better!  Stone said and I agree, "the two nights the young couple cooked for us at home was the best meals that we had while in Philly".  Not that the meals eaten out were not good, they where very good, but Michael and Delia can cook.  Quickly, Delia and I put together the salad, while Stone poured the wine. Gathering around the table, we toast to the ending of another marvelous day, and glad that we were together once again.  
Shrimp, philadelphia, reading terminal market

sirloin, philadelphia,reading terminal market

Dinner salad with mango, watermelon, kiwi and blackberries.

Chef Michael

Stone opening the bottle of wine for dinner.

The Tablescape

Philadelphia, Bielers donut shop, reading terminal market
Donuts from Beiler's Donuts at the Reading Terminal Market

It was our last night and Michael offered us a chance to beat him in a game of Monopoly.  Well, being competitive as I am, we took him up on it.  We cleared away the dishes and set up the game, knowing we would be at it for a few hours.  I hurriedly showered so when the game was over I would be ready for bed.  Quickly into the game I was loosing and Delia was coming in behind me, though she held on much longer than I.  It looked as though Michael was going to win yet again.  Stone, at the last minute pulled through and made an amazing win as the clock struck midnight.
philadelphia, monopoly
The Simpson's Monopoly Game