Friday, June 6, 2014

National Donut Day

The sign stated, on June 6, 2014, a free donut to all who enter Krispy Kreme.  Now who wouldn't go there?  With words like "free" and "doughnut", what's not to like?  I like doughnuts, but Stone loooooooves this sweet pastry with a hole in the middle covered with a luscious glaze.  Since he and I were going to indulge in this tasty, sugary, delectable, fattening, scrumptious, sweet treat, I suggested we ride our bikes to Krispy Kreme.  I was curious how many calories we would burn if we did, so I did a little research.  Thirty minutes of riding at 12 mph will burn 248 calories.  It's a good thing I also ran four miles this morning, burning 385 calories.  For my doughnut, I chose the Birthday Cake, which has a whopping 410 calories.  Stone had one of his favorites, the Raspberry Filled, which has 290 calories.   Here's a little bit a history;  Amid World War 1, about 250 Salvation Army officers traveled to Europe to comfort U.S. troops.  Having additives like lard, flour and sugar, they figured out a way to make doughnuts.  Salvation Army helpers, many of them female, became known as "doughnut girls".  The first National Doughnut Day was 1938 in Chicago.  Since then, it has become a national celebration of the sweet treats and the people who provided them to our soldiers in battle.  Adapted from:

krispy kreme, donuts, tennessee
Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

krispy kreme, donuts, raspberry
Stone enjoying his Raspberry Filled Donut

krispy kreme, biking, knoxville, birthday cake donut
Me with my Birthday Cake Doughnut, YUM!!!!!!

krispy kreme, tennessee, donuts
The light is always on.

Krispy Kreme was packed!!!!

All The Way From Texas

Raydean's "Homemade"

Wimberley Doughnuts 

peach donuts, cresent rolls
Raydean's "Homemade"
Wimberley Doughnuts
peaches, donuts, crescent rolls
Terry with Peachy Goodness


Raydean's Instructions:
Have on hand canned crescent biscuits (with minimal yucky ingredients), stop by local peach stand (seasonal), peal and process about 3 medium peaches, place about a teaspoon of peach goodness in dough then roll up and seal.  Deep fry until golden (may need to finish cooking inside by baking in oven in covered dish for 10-12 minutes at 350').  Drizzle with peach pulp and powdered sugar mixture.  Eat warm so that peachy goodness escapes down both sides of your mouth.

I hope everyone had a wonderful day and ate their share of doughnuts.  I for one am going to be making Raydean's recipe.   Stone said, "why didn't Raydean Fed Ex me some"?  I'm telling you, this man loves Doughnuts!!!!!!
biking, greenway, tennessee
Heading home after biking to Krispy Kreme for a Raspberry Filled Doughnut.