Monday, July 28, 2014

Bluegrass Underground

It was a hot summer day as we pulled into the grassy parking lot of the Cumberland Caverns with hundreds of others that had arrived before us.  Colin O'Brien and The Nashville Stringy Band was performing at Bluegrass Underground, located in The Cumberland Caverns.   We unloaded from the car, jackets in hand, and made our way to the visitors center, where we picked up our tickets at will call.  Slowly, Stone and I with various others, took the tree lined path that lead us to the mouth of the cave, where there was already a line waiting to enter.  After mere minutes, a guide appeared and lead us into the large opening that took us into The Volcano Room, where the concert was held.  Many seats had been taken, but luckily two remained empty just four rows from the stage and right in the middle.   I quickly grabbed them, motioning for Stone to follow.   In no time the band began with Blues, John Hartford Songs, a mix of Old Times, and American Folk Styles.  On and on, one song after another they sang.  Lots of talent was down in the cave along with five hundred patrons, Stone and I, and all the pure sound totally engulfing the huge room, 333 feet below the surface.