Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday Brother Robert "Bob" From Budapest

From Budapest, Chestit Rojen Den, (Happy Birthday),  Robert "Bob", my not so little brother.  Have I ever mentioned that you are my favorite brother?  Oh wait, you're my only brother.  Since we can't be together on your special day, and yes all birthdays are special no matter how old, I will celebrate your birthday from Budapest, Hungary. With that in mind, Stone and I enjoyed a piece of cake in your honor.  Let me tell you a little about my little brother.  He is six years younger than I.  I know, I know, you're thinking, how can that be?  I totally look so much younger than him.   He's born and raised a true Texan.  He has an avid interest in physical fitness, and therefore works out everyday.  He has a Masters of Science in Business.  He is a devoted father to his son Brandon and daughter Baileigh and to his wife Stacy.  The most interesting thing about my brother is the opportunities he has had with acting.  He has filmed  numerous commercials, billboard ads and shared the TV screen with Patrick Duffy (Bobby Ewing) on the Dallas series remake, as the sheriff. It was so exciting seeing him for the first time on our big screen TV while watching the Dallas series.   He's also worked with actors David Keith, Luke Perry, Burton Gilliam and Nicholas Cage and many others.   In my eyes, he is certainly a celebrity.
Here is Robert's link: You should visit, like and check back often to keep up with his latest projects.  Check out his resume and photo section as well.  Comment on them if you want!  P.S. if you Facebook him, he will accept you as friends, you know you want to.  Go ahead, he's always posting cool things.  And the great thing is he's available for nationwide and international projects.  So check him out and if you're interested, make the connection.  You'll be glad you did.

Robert Johnson, Actor, SAG AFTRA-Eligible at Core Talent
Film Industry and Model/Actor
Photo credit:

Cowboy Photo Shoot at Eden Farms
Photo credit

Robert on set.

Blazing Saddles
Rich Emberlin, Burton Gilliam, and Robert with Chris Kyle, Navy Seal,
Americas deadliest snipper, Author of American Sniper, Deceased 2013

Clowning Around
Josh Henderson-Robert-Patrick Duffy

Billboard for Chesapeake Energy

Robert getting ready to hit the set.

Character Shot
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Model Jo Robinson from Missouri and Robert
Cowboy Indian Princess Shoot
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See, I told ya'll I looked younger than Robert "Bob".

Wouldn't you want to see him on the Big Screen?