Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Bulgaria In 201 Steps

 After arriving in Bulgaria we navigated to Belogradshick.  The most scenic area of Bulgaria with its strange red-colored rock formations made largely of limestone, resembling silhouettes of people, tower, mushrooms, and animals.  Most interesting, however is that each rock formation has a different name, such as "Adam and Eve," "The School Girl," "The Bear," "The Shepherd Boy," "The Dervish," "The Madonna," "The Horseman," and "The Monks."  Each come with its own story.  This is their version of the Grand Canyon.   Barbara, Stone, and I took the 201 steps at the Belogradshick Fortress to see the spectacular views of the rock formations..

Sunflower Field

Belogradchik Rocks

Bekigradcguj Fortress
Belogradchik Rocks

Belogradchik Fortress
Belogradchik Rocks

View of Belogradchik From The Rocks
                                      Belogradshick Rock

Stone, Barbara, Judy and I spent the afternoon walking through the town of Vidin, a port town on the southern bank of the Danube.  The abandoned ruins of the Jewish Synagogue lies today buried among vegetation and behind communist era blocks of flats.  This is all that remains of this once active community, one of the most important Jewish centers on the Danube during the ottoman period.  We meandered through the streets with their many shops.  We checked out the Central Market where numerous people gather to sell and buy all sorts of things from clothes, souvenirs, honey and spices.

Stone and I in Vidin

Town Square in Vidin

Vidin Bulgaria

Judy trying out some of the local produce in Vidin in the Central Market.

Our little tag along in Vidin.

Hoping for a morsel.

Fresh produce at the open air  Central Market.

St. Dimitar Cathedral.

St. Dimitar Cathedral.

St Dimitar Cathedral

St, Dimitar Cathedral

Grape vines everywhere in the locals yards.

Stone, Barbara and Judy going in the local market in Vidin to purchase drinks.