Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Boating Through The Iron Gate

After sleeping in an having our breakfast, Stone and I, along with Barbara and Judy, enjoyed boating down a beautiful site, the Danube River. We made our way though the most spectacular area of natural beauty,  The Iron Gate Gorge.  This wonder of the world is situated in the Djerdap National Park.   At one point the river narrows to 153 yards wide and reaches a depth of around 300 feet.  I wondered if this boat would fit.   Smoothly we flowed through the mountain ranges with the Batan Hills to the left and the East Serbian Hills to the right.  With mountains all around us, I felt as though we were being swallowed up as we passed through the area that was a popular settlement for many of the ancient civilizations, playing a part in the birth of Europe as we know it today.  We passed through two gorges, the first called “Venice,” the next was Djerdap,a very narrow passage.  We sailed past the Veterani Cave, a cave in the wall of the gourge.  In 1682 General Veterani held up here for 21 days before surrendering when their rations ran out.  The Turks were so impressed by the men’s courage they allowed them to return to Austria.   As we sailed along, we passed numerous fishermen bringing in catfish, large perch, different types of sturgeon and salmon.  I know what they will be having for dinner.  Thinking about it is making me hungry. I’m glad lunch isn’t far off. 
We passed the Veliko Gradis_te.  As we continued through the scenic hills of the Iron Gate, a rock detail was present along the Iron Gate.  I was amazed of its size as I snapped numerous pictures. 

First Gorge, Venice.

Veterani Cave



Rock detail, Iron Gate

Second gorge, small opening.

Tabula Traiana

Me, very relaxed.

The national animal of Serbia is the wolf.
The unofficial national bird is the eagle.
As we all know, Novak Djokovic, 2014 Tennis Champion.
And lastly Karl Malden, born Mladen Djordje Sekulovic, American Actor,born to Serbian parents.  He appeared in A Streetcar Named Desire, On the Waterfront, How the West Was Won, and Patton.  His best know role, was as Lietenant Mike Stone in the 1970’s cop drama, The Streets of San Francisco with Michael Douglas.
Wise words from the Serbians. 
A clean pig makes lean bacon.
He who drinks on credit gets drunk twice.
Grain by grain, a loaf’ stone by stone, a castle.