Friday, May 16, 2014

Memories of the Restaurante Mexicano, Little Mexico.

Growing up, there was one Mexican restaurant that we would frequent once a week. Lots of memories come flooding back when I walk through their doors, even though the original restaurant burned down in 2009.  I recall that I would always order a Fresca to drink with my meal.  My brother would get anything but Mexican food, but now thats all he wants.  On our way out, we would always purchase a praline patty.   There was always a long line out the door on Friday and Saturday evenings.  It was definitely worth waiting on.  Little Mexico, nothing fancy, has great TexMex, alway busy, but you get seated fast.  This restaurant has always been our go to place through the years and now when home I always make a stop.  I always judge a mexican restaurant by their chips and salsa.  Little Mexico meet my highest standards.  You won't leave here hungry and will always feel satisfied.  Tonight was no exception, the family returned to our favorite place.

Jackson, Jonathan, Heather, Mom, Jennifer, Ashton, and Me.

Stone, Jackson and Jonathan.

Heather, Me, Ashton and Jennifer.

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How many baskets of chips and salsa do you eat prior to ordering?