Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Home, Catch-up and a Bicycle Ride

Plane was late leaving Austin, therefore our 45 minute layover in Atlanta, was no layover. We deboarded and took off running.  As we arrived at our gate, they knew who we where, and said they where waiting on us.  Relieved that we made it just in time, I asked where the closet restroom was.  I was told firmly, I might add, that there was no time.  I was to board immediately, and so I did.  Luckily it was only a 30 minute flight.  After landing, we grabbed a cab and was on our way, making it home by 10:30 ish.  With no food in the house, after being gone for ten days, we hopped in the car and drove to Sonic.  By the time we crawled into bed, we where beat.
I was up early this morning for a orthodontist appointment to get my braces off.  Did not happen.  Still had a small gap.   I have been delayed for at least four weeks.  I'll keep my fingers crossed that the next time I walk out of my orthodontist office I will be brace free.  Heading home, I stopped to pick up Lucy, who was very glad to see me.  When we have been gone for awhile, it takes her some time to calm down when she gets to her abode.  Soon she just wanted to go out on the porch and take a nap.  With my appointment done, Lucy picked up and taken to the house, I headed to the grocery.  I didn't purchase much since we where eating out tonight with friends, but I needed the basics. Ours consists of diet coke, yogurt, cheese, milk, grapes and crackers.  With this done, I returned to the house.  I've put it off long enough.  I have to run.  I changed into my gear and took off out the door.  Number one, I haven't run in ten days, I'm sluggish.  Number two, I forgot my iPod, can't stand to run and hear myself panting.  Makes me think I feel worse than I do.  Music takes my mind off my pain.  Number three, by the time I started it was already in the 80's.  With all my whining, I finally make it back fairly quickly.  With my running around done, I spent the rest of the afternoon doing laundry, and going through the large pile of mail which was mostly junk.   Well, not all of it.  A sweet Mother's Day card from my son Michael, and one of my favorite magazines, Food & Wine.  I have already picked out a couple of things I want to try.  
Accompanying our friends Carleen and Daniel  for a bicycle ride on the greenways was a wonderful evening to be out.  After riding for an hour and the guys tired of hearing Carleen and I complain about our hunger pains, we head on over to Azul Tequila Mexican Grill and order a round of margaritas.  After some talk about the possibility of a future trip, we order our dinner.  Full and content ,we part.   After a 13.5 mile ride, Stone and I made it home by 9:30pm. ending another great evening with friends.
Biked to Azul Tequila Mexican Grill

Frozen Strawberry Margaritas