Monday, November 10, 2014

Visiting Family In Atlanta

It was a magnificent fall day to drive to Atlanta to visit family and eat a late breakfast at my preferred diner, Thumbs Up.   Everyone who knows me knows I appreciate a good biscuit, and this place has the best.    Whats not to love?  With its dense texture on the inside, and a crusty exterior, yum.    Delivering an egg white omelet and a bowl of strawberries with it and I was in heaven.  
The weather in Atlanta was so nice that Malia, Jim, Abby Gail and my soon to be daughter-in-law Delia, who was in town for work, decided to walk to Thumbs Up.  Stone and I arrived at the diner to be greeted by many others who had the same idea as we did.  I love this place so much I will wait, no matter how long.  We were so busy chatting, getting caught up on the latest happenings, that it didn't seem long before we were being seated.  
When it comes to food I can be a creature of habit if I really like something.  I like trying new things, but when I visit Thumbs Up I always order the exact same thing.  When our food was delivered I had to remind myself to eat slowly and enjoy it.  I almost cried when I took the last bite of my biscuit that I had drenched in honey.  I even considered ordering another one, but decided against it since we had a three hour drive back home where I would be doing nothing but sitting.  No exercise equals no second biscuit!  
Thumbs Up Diner, Atlanta Ga,Cat
Abby Gail-Malia-Jim-Stone-Myself-Delia

Thumbs Up Diner, Atlanta Ga,Cat
 My Grandcat, Smushie.