Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Nashville and Son

Stone, Abby Gail and I drove to Nashville to visit and have an evening meal with Michael, who had flown into town for business.   Michael, being a fan of German food, we decided to take him to Gerst Haus, a German restaurant that Stone's cousin Pat told us about.  German food is very filling and the Gerst Haus serves considerable portions and with that in mind, Stone and I decided to share a meal.   Even sharing I was stuffed, but not to full for dessert which I had, and did not share.  I never, ever share dessert.  I love butter and sugar!

Nashville Tennessee,Gerst Haus.
Can you tell he's embarrassed to have his picture taken with his mama? 
Abby Gail-Michael-Me

Nashville Tennessee,Gerst Haus.
Abby Gail and Michael