Saturday, November 1, 2014

My Twenty Mile Run That Included The Farragut 13.1

As I left the house at dawn to begin my 20 mile run that included the Farragut Half Marathon it was 36',  snowing and windy.  I had been dreading this race all week as I continuously checked the weather forecast.  Of all days, the day of the race and the day that I had such a long run to do.  It was all I could do to make myself walk out the door at two minutes till eight this morning. 
 Garmin ready, music cranked up, I was off, all the while telling myself it wasn't so bad.  I'm really good at lying to yours truly.  Sometimes I actually believe what I'm saying.  As I ran, my thoughts would be how warm it's going to be once I get back home.  During the race I could smell a wood fireplace, and wanted to stop just long enough to warm my hands.   We all finished the race, our times not being too bad.  I for one was glad when it was over.  All I had to do now was run home, completing my long training run for my upcoming marathon.   My third and last.   As soon as I entered my house, I went straight to the shower and turned on the warmest water.  I stayed in there for so long not wanting to get out.  It felt amazing.   Tonight Mary, Helen and I are treating ourselves, its gonna be good.  Hmmm,  it wasn't so bad.

Mary and I look like pumpkins!!!