Friday, November 28, 2014

2014 GORE-TEX Philadelphia Marathon

At 7 am. the beginning of the 2014 Philadelphia Marathon commenced.  It was a cold bitter morning as Delia, Michael and I where among 30,000 runners to begin the 26.2 race.  Training for my third and final marathon had been difficult.  It was the first one I had trained alone, and I was glad the day finally arrived that I could mark this too off my list.  This course, unlike my last one, Austin Texas, was rather flat.  We ran through Fairmont Park along the Schaylkill River as the crowds cheered us on.  The passage led us through the historic district, passing sights recognizable to Ben Franklin, George Washington and various others.  I was so relieved as I ran toward the "Rocky" step's of the Art Museum where I passed through the finish line.  After enduring months of training in the heat, rain, cold and lastly a little snow, it was over, just like that.  Oh, I'll continue running for exercise numerous days a week, but no more testing of endurance.  I've done it not once, but three times.

Delia (Bride To Be)-Michael (Groom To Be)-Me (Mother Of The Groom) & Mother In Law on  11.25.2014.

2014 Gore-Tex Philadelphia Marathon 26.2

2014 Austin Marathon 26.2

2013 Toronto Waterfront Marathon 26.2