Tuesday, January 13, 2015

A Cold Philadelphia Move

Stone and I arrived in Philly close to midnight.  It was a bitter, wintry night, twenty-three degree's when our plane landed.  The wind was blowing and there was snow on the ground, brrrrr....  This was going to be a cold trip.  Michael was right on time.  We grabbed our luggage as he pulled up through the pick up lane.  Quickly we gave hugs and loaded up the bags.  I welcomed the warmth of his vehicle with the heat blasting. He even thought of dear old mom and had the heat seater on, how sweet was that.  At this time of night there was very little traffic on the road. Maybe it had something to do with the weather.  We chatted about the move, school, and all the latest happenings since we had seen them six weeks ago.   In no time we had arrived at their new place that he and Delia had moved into just that afternoon.  Stone and I were excited that movers had been hired to move them. All that was left to do was help them unpack and set up house.   Delia had everything ready when we arrived.  Towels were in the bathroom and beds made.  Before leaving for our flight to Philly, I had made some Chocolate Chip cookies and packed them in my suit case.  After retrieving the cookies, we gathered in the kitchen where we stayed up until 2:30 in the morning talking and eating.  Finally, we went to bed knowing it was going to be a long few days ahead of us.   
As morning approached I was ready to begin our day.   Delia was up starting the coffee for Stone, as Speck and Baloo made their rounds to make sure all were awake.  The sun was out, but it was sooooo cold.  I was dreading leaving the confines of the warmth, but excited to help pick out new things for their dwelling.  Delia and I spent six hours out and about running errands and shopping.   No matter what I did, I couldn't get warm.  I had four layers on, just not the right kind for Philly weather.   All the while, Michael and Stone stayed behind working.  Stone's official job was a box crusher and disposal of boxes.  By the end he was a master.  
On our Third night in Philly we took time to go out for dinner.  I had read about a place called Coyote Crossing, http://coyotecrossing.com, a Mexican restaurant and had mentioned it to Michael and Delia.  Neither had heard of it but each are always up for trying new places.  We arrived later in the evening, so even though the place was full we didn't have to wait.  From what I understand that is not the normal, especially in the summer.  The outdoor patio is a huge draw.   The restaurant, located in a neighborhood of houses, had just be renovated.  The outside was twinkling with lights, drawing us in. The fireplace was all aglow. My only disappointment was there was no available setting for us next to the fireplace.  I could see it, but not feel it. I needed warmth!!! We had a delightful evening, the atmosphere was festive and the food really good.  I was so excited about dessert.  I had never had Tres Leches, Three Milk Cake.  It was luscious and I devoured every bit, not leaving a morsel.  I will definitely be making one of these in the future.   When it was time to leave, Michael retrieved his vehicle and drove up to the door, saving us from having to be out in the frosty weather any longer than necessary.  That was so sweet.  After arriving back home we had intended on working some more on unpacking. But after a full day and full stomachs, we just couldn't do it.  We called it a night.  
By Sunday we had a lot done.  Delia and I ran a few more errands while Michael and Stone did the same.  Everyone made it back in time for the Dallas Cowboy's football game.  Delia made guacamole, chips where set out and the wings where in the oven.  All that was needed was for the Cowboy's to win!  Well, at least the food was good.  Even Baloo was upset that the Cowboy's lost.  He was moping around, it was his birthday and he wanted a win!  Delia had picked up a doggy birthday cake and I had gotten him a bag of his favorite treats.  Michael served Baloo and Speck each a piece of the cake.  Neither one wasted anytime consuming it. 
With the game a loss, we moved on.  It was time to complete the unpacking.   By the time we left for the airport the next day, all the boxes where unpacked and all but two pictures where hung. It looked like a home and a beautiful one at that.  As Michael left to catch the train to work, it was time for Stone and I to leave and head back to Tennessee.   The snow was gone and in its place was rain as Delia drove us to the airport.  Our flight home was scheduled to leave at four in the afternoon.  Apparently there was some mechanical problem with the plane that didn't make me feel real good.  Stone had received numerous messages that our flight was delayed.  Honestly I didn't think we where going to make it home last night.  Finally they called us to board.  We where so excited to be on our way. When we arrived home, Stone and I stated it was sure good to be home.  The next time we go to Philly I will make sure its when the weather is warm.  

Happy 2nd Birthday Baloo