Friday, October 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Mikey Baby

Wow, has it really been 26 years since the day you were born?   The years have flown by so quickly as I have watched you grow, absorb the world around you and always asking so many questions.  You were a curious child, always wanting to know how things worked.
Your sisters, Malia, Abby Gail and Lora Beth did a good job keeping you in line.  Oh, they used to get so mad.  They would say that since you were the only boy and the baby, you were spoiled. It would make them so angry when you would come home with yet another match box car.  I have to admit that you did acquire many.   You didn't have a chance growing up with all three of those girls, but we did and still do love you very much.

Happy Birthday

 From the day you were born, there has been a football in your room.  At age five, you joined the Boys Club and played football and continued until you were old enough to play for the middle school and continuing through high school.   Of all those years I only missed one of your games.  

I always say, if a child gets dirty, they've had a good day.  You had many good days.

You were the typical boy, alway climbing and ruff housing.  

You took the July 4th neighborhood parade very serious.  You spent many hours, with help, decorating your peddling float.

When there was just a little of snow on the ground, you would be out there with your sled and sisters gliding down the hill.

I've made you many birthday cakes though the years and believe this lion from The Lion King was one of your favorites.

You used to pretend you where Daniel Boone.

The Long Ranger was one of your countless Halloween costumes you had through the years.  Defending the girls of the household was very serious business.

Holden Beach

You have always adored animals. Oscar was your buddy.  No wonder he gained weight since you carried him everywhere.

Always chase your dreams.   I am proud to be your mother and love you with all my heart.  Happy 26th Birthday Michael.