Friday, August 1, 2014

Nannerpuddin At The Neighbors

Stone and I had spent the day in the Smoky Mountains looking for the perfect location for a special event.  We arrived home in time to get showered and at the neighbors just in time for dinner.  A storm was brewing as we walk across the street.  The clouds were rolling in, but it hadn't started to rain.  Neither Stone nor I had looked at the forecast.  We rang the doorbell as Sid, Shannon and Tobi, their maltipoo-combination maltese/poodle, greeted us at the door, happy to have company.  Tobi took a liking to Stone and spent some time in his arms.  We started the evening with baked brie in a flakey pastry, served with crackers.  I have a fondness for all cheese, but brie is my all time favorite.  I LOVE IT!  The weather was taking a turn for the worst.  Each of us has a weather app on our phones, and the alarms where going off right and left, sending us warnings of possible tornados.  Sid decided he'd better grill the salmon before the rain began.  During this time we had the weather channel on. With all that  going on, we wanted to make sure that we where aware of the situation.  Just as Sid brought in the salmon, alerts where coming in of possible large hail.  Sid quickly went out to put his vehicle in the garage.  No one wants that kind of damage.  We discussed the safest place in their home just in case the need arose.  Sid had his flashlight handy if the electricity went out.  Prepared as we could be in case of danger, we sat down to a wonderful dinner beginning with caprese salad made with these brown tomatoes, called Kumato's, which are sweeter than most. This was a tasty start to our meal.  We followed it with grilled salmon, roasted asparagus with parmesan cheese and rice.  As we ate, the weather continued booming, but not raining or hailing.  It was time for dessert which I'm never too full to eat.  Shannon had made something that was very special to her.  Sometimes recipes like pictures spark memories…The following does exactly that.  Shannon had made banana pudding which was very good. In fact, Stone and I asked for seconds, leaving none for poor Sid for the next day.  I asked if I could have the recipe. She shyly stated, "it is so ridiculously simple, it's embarrassing."  This recipe came from a dear friend of Shannon's, her sister in law's mom, who has since passed on to heaven. It's really special when people like it. 

Nana's "Nannerpuddin"

1 box of Jello Vanilla Pudding(4.6 ounce box) cook & serve kind, NOT INSTANT
3-4 Bananas
Box of vanilla wafers

Make pudding according to directions on box, being sure to stir constantly.  After it boils, let pudding cool before pouring on the banana/wafer mixture.
While pudding is cooling slice bananas and alternate layers of wafers and bananas.  When the pudding is cool, pour over the layers and let chill 2-3 hours.