Monday, August 4, 2014

Big Girls Need Lovin Too

German Shepard/St. Bernard,Dog,Big Girls Need Lovin Too.
Me and Mckinzie
As you can see, Mckinzie, a German Shepard/St. Bernard is quite enormous, although I do not think she realizes that she is not human. Even though Stone and I where visiting Carleen and Daniel recently, Mckinzie thought we were there to see her.  Who was I to tell her any different.  She welcomed us upon arrival and escorted us to the door as we departed. She was the perfect hostess.  At some point during the evening, Mckinzie casually ambled over to where I was sitting.  She placed one paw in front of the other and made her way onto the settee, taking a seat like she was a person.  So I did what any canine lover would do, I gave her some lovin, because big girls need lovin too.  It was a good thing my Lucy wasn't present.  She would have been JEALOUS!!!