Sunday, January 1, 2017

Our Christmas Holiday On Holden Beach

The following pictures sum up our annual Christmas trip to Holden Beach bringing the year to an end.  What can I say besides enjoy the view, we sure did.

The youngest daughter Lora Beth joined us this year, eager to get out and enjoy the 75' temps.

"Tinder" moments.
Stone's a lucky man.

Lora Beth and Stone sand dancing on the island.

Meet Chunky Monkey and Cuddle Bug, L.B.'s beach friends.

Enjoying a beer from (SweetWater) brewing company with Pop's

Nothing like being in a swimsuit in December.

Sunset, day one as Lora Beth makes her way back to our home for the week.

No more Christmas trees on the island, no problem.  Inspired by a story told recently by a friend from India, Lora Beth created our version of a Christmas tree made with beach findings and a little bling we brought from home.  We named him "Buster."

I ask Lora Beth recently why she doesn't paint anymore she said, "make-up is my art."

Smalls relaxing at the beach house claiming this room as his own.

When Lora Beth was a little girl she had no idea makeup would be so important to her.  

Hey it was at the house when we arrived!!!

Merry Christmas from Holden Beach.

Christmas Dinner heading to the boiling pot.

Lora Beth's sandart.

Lucy snuggling with Lora Beth.

Lucy found her warm place.

 Not all beauty routines are pretty.

Yes Lucy joined us during dinner!!!  Our beach house had a high chair, Lucy thought it was for her.

Its always a good time for chocolate.

Lora Beth, mermaid for a day.