Monday, November 30, 2015

The Secret Society Of The Mask Women Kicks Off The Holiday Season

The Secret Society Of The Mask Women began the holiday season by decorating a gingerbread house.  We lined up all the candies, different colors of frosting, then began our assembly, panel by panel.  While it might not have been perfect from a builder and decorators view, we thought it turned out pretty awesome.
 What is the Secret Society Of The Mask Women?  Well, that my dear is a secret!

Gingerbread House
Sometimes the frosting ended upon places other than the gingerbread house.
Malia's nose is glowing like Rudolph's.

Gingerbread House
What the Secret Society Of The Mask Women talk about during their gatherings is nobody's business but the society's.  It is a secret!  Wouldn't you like to know what we were talking about here?

Gingerbread House
Our creation!

Our first gingerbread house, and Jim won it for Malia by winning a round of "Life".

It has been years since we have been to Dollywood, we were regulars when the children were young.      So the day after Thanksgiving we decided to revisit.  Malia, wanting her husband Jim to see the place she spent many days at during her childhood and Michael giving his wife Delia the same experience.  Malia and Michael told stories of those younger years at the park.
Even the dogs went, they stayed at Doggywood.  By the time we arrived the park was already packed.  Speck and Baloo were so excited, they got to ride on the train that takes you to the entrance from the parking lot.   The park was decorated with over four million lights with christmas music playing around.  The scents of Christmas was all around.  If you weren't hungry when you arrived, you soon were.  There was a large pit that you could make your own s'more's, how cool was that.  Cinnamon bread, yes we had some, YUM!!!
This day brought back so many memories with the kids.  I bet one day Stone and I will be taking grandkids to Dollywood, hmmm hopefully not to soon.


Jim and Malia

Delia and Michael