Friday, July 31, 2015

The Lawn Chair Concert Series

Local artist shared their musical talent at the Campbell Station Park during The Lawn Chair Concert Series, the first of what I hope to be many more.  Helen, Don, Stone and I gathered our lawn chairs, some tying them onto their bikes while others slung them over their shoulder as we peddled to the concert.  As we arrived, many had already set up their chairs in the shade.  We quickly picked our spot right up front, knowing the sun would eventually drop below the trees .   Three bands performed throughout the evening, with featured artists Roger Alan Wade and Kelsey's Woods.  First band up was Sparkle Motion, followed by Roger Allen Wade and The Last Band.  As the sun set, Kelsey's Woods took the stage as children began hula hooping. When the last song was played numerous adults jumped up and began to dance to the beat of the music.  Stone and Helen were among them.  
This was a wonderful evening, the location was perfect.  Each one of the bands was talented, energetic and emotional.  I look forward to more evenings like this in the future in our little suburb Farragut.

 Sparkle Motion

 Don and Helen

 Roger Allen Wade and The Last Band

 Roger Allen Wade and The Last Band
Roger Allen Wade's Grandchildren

My Man Stone

 Dave Kennedy-Russ Torbet

 Dave Kennedy-Russ Torbet

 Austin Stepp

 Dave Kennedy-Russ Torbet

 Stevie Jones

 Russ Torbet

 Dave Kennedy

Kelsey's Wood 

The Last Dance
Helen and Stone

Kelsey's Woods in action.