Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Grandfather Mountain

Back in the 1760s Daniel Boone walked these forests.   Remember when Forrest Gump ran across America?  A portion of his trek was filmed on Grandfather Mountain.  Today it was Stone and I who left our tracks in these woods with many others.

Getting into the Park was slow.   The traffic was backed up due to it being July 4th weekend.  After finally getting through the gate we went straight to the restaurant.  I had to have ice-cream!  I think I've had some everyday since we left home.   Content we head out for an afternoon on the trails.

 Stone hiking along the Bridge Trail.

 The Bridge Trail is an easy winding trail through the forest that switches back and forth in a moderate climb to the Mile High Swinging Bridge.

 Stone and I on Black Rock Nature Trail.  The moderately rocky trailhead is located near the top of the mountain.

 Stone and I hurrying along.  You have to be off the trails by 6pm. or they send in a search party.


The vista from Grandfather Mountain