Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Beech Mountain North Carolina

Next stop on our road trip was Beech Mountain.   I see why people come here in the summer, the temps are a lot cooler.  Especially in the evening when I would have to put on my long pants.   The event that brought us here to the Beech Mountain Resort was their 47th Annual Hog Roast, followed by fireworks.  
During the day Stone and I wondered around the community and while doing so we passed the men smoking the hog and turkey.  They gave me a sample which was so good.  All it did was make me really hungry and there was still a few hours to go until dinner time.  

Beech Alpen Inn

 As soon as I took this picture, a deer strolled over and ate the flowers.

 At the Alpen Inn, they feed the deer.   The deer wonder around the property, keeping their distance but not running away.

 These men were hard at work getting the meat ready for the event.

 Cheerwine, made in North Caroline.

 I was ready for my bbq.

 A bonus, they had Moon Pie's.

Once it was dark, the fireworks began on the mountain.  I thought they look like sea creatures.