Friday, March 24, 2017

Lake Manyara National Park-Africa

Up early Stone and I departed for Lake Manyara National Park. The park stretches for 30 miles along the base of the 1800 foot high Rift Valley Escarpment.  Ernest Hemingway stated it as "the loveliest I had seen in Africa".  First up was a stop at the local Maasai Village.  The Maasai tribe is one of the most renowned tribes in Africa.   We were greeted by the chief's son and the villagers who perform a traditional song and dance.

Son of the chief of the Maasai Village.

Villagers assembling to perform a traditional song and dance.

Local Maasai Village School

A young couple showed us through their home.  The home of the Maasia family is built by the woman.

Passing through one of the small towns on our way to Lake Manyara National Park.

Our pool with a view.

Flowers around the grounds.

Our accommodations at the Lake Manyara Serena Safari Lodge.

 Vervet Monkey
Known as blue balls.

Hippopotamus playing in Lake Manyara.

Water Buffalo


Sand storm blew in.