Tuesday, August 23, 2016

The Hillbenders At Bluegrass Underground

After a brief tour through the Cumberland Caverns, which was beautiful.   Karen, Greg, Stone and I quickly made our way to the Volcano Room where the Hillbenders were to be performing beginning at 1pm.  Since we had the Bucket List Package, one of the things we received was a lunch ticket.  While the Volcano Room was filling up, and since we had an hour before the concert was to begin we made our way back to the concession stand and pick out our goodies.  Now with food in hand, we returned to our seats which just so happened to be on the front row.

The Hillbenders performing a rock opera, was the best concert Stone and I have seen at Bluegrass Underground, a subterranean amphitheater 333' feet below McMinnville Tn.   This was by far the best one ever.  They were "high-energy" as they performed The Who's TOMMY.  Of course being on the front row was fabulous.  You almost felt as though you were part of the band.  If you haven't been to Bluegrass Underground, you should try it out.

As we are on tour we can see down in the Volcano room as the band is warming up and chairs are being set up for the concert.  The concert was completely full holding five hundred people.

Greg and Karen

Twin Falls