Sunday, May 29, 2016

Family Cookout


My Beautiful Mama
This picture was actually taken by my niece, photographer Jennifer Willard.

 Jonathan the Grill Master

Beautiful Ladies In The Kitchen
 Jennifer and Heather making stuffed jalapeño's.

Spicy and Yummy

 Jennifer and Heather





 Nolan wearing his basket hat.

Stone and I have had this dip a few times now.  On each occasion I think to myself, I need to get the recipe.  Finally I asked a friend what the ingredients were.  Why it took me so long I do not know.  I had no idea it was this easy.  As they say, sometimes the simplest recipes are the best, in this case it is true.  I looked on the web-site when I ordered the relish and notice they had the recipe listed and it was just a little different.  Instead of the 1/2 jar of relish the online recipe from Harry & David uses the entire jar, so I thought I would try it.  It was very good.  Makes it a bit more spicy, but both ways are yummy.

Pepper Relish and Cream Cheese Dip 

8 ounces cream cheese
1.  Blend softened cream cheese in a mixing bowl until smooth.
2.  Add relish and blend well.
3.  Serve with crisp tortilla chips, fritos,  snack crackers, or finger foods.