Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Cousins In Paris

Eiffel Tower
Cousin Debbie and I didn't have to go far to see the Eiffel Tower.  It was right there in Paris, Tn.

The World's Biggest Fish Fry

 The timing of our visit revolved around, "The World's Biggest Fish Fry" in Paris Tn.  It originally began in 1953 as the Fish Fry.  Since then it has grown considerably from 1,6000 pounds to over 5 tons of catfish being cooked and served. I wasted no time consuming the BEST catfish I have ever eaten.  You see that plate with no one sitting there.  Yep, it's mine.  Just sayin!  It was that good.

Me and Cousin Debbie at Loretta Lynn's estate in Hurricane Mills, Tn.

The Site Of The Plane Crash Killing Four, which included Patsy Cline.

Cousin Debbie had made this very tasty cake for our visit.  Lucky for us, she packed some to take home, which we consumed half on the drive back to Knoxville.  The next morning we polished off the remaining.  Hey nothing wrong with cake for breakfast.

7-Up Pound Cake
3 sticks butter
3 cups sugar
5 eggs
3 cups flour
2 Tablespoons almond extract
3/4 cup 7-up
Optional: glaze using powdered sugar and milk.
1.  Preheat oven 325'.
2.  Cream butter and sugar until light and fluffy.  
3.  Add eggs one at a time.  
4.  Add flour alternatelywith the 7-up.  
5.  Add almond extract.  
6.  Pour into bundt pan that has been spray with baking spray and bake for approximately 1hr. 15 min.

Debbie also sent Stone and I home with some candy.  I allow myself one a day, and I pack one a day for Stone's lunch.  YUM!!!

Pecan Candies
2 quarts pecan halfs
1 stick butter
chocolate/white chocolate bark
1.  Melt butter, add pecans and salt and mix will.  Make sure all pecans are coated.  
2.  Microwave 3 minutes.  Stir and add more salt.   
3.  Microwave another 3 minutes, stir.  
4.  Microwave another 3 minutes, stir.
5.  Microwave another 3 minutes, stir.
6.  Microwave another 3 minutes for a total of 15 minutes, stir.
7.  Melt 1 package chocolate and 1/2 package white bark into boiler.  
8.  Pour over pecans, stir well and drop on wax paper with Tablespoon.