Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Family Time In Texas

I don't know why Stone decided we were going to drive to Texas this time instead of fly.  I think he  is now questioning that same thing.  Since we both have small sport cars, Stone thought it would be a good idea to rent a car for the trip.  Being organized like he is, he drove over to Enterprise and reserved a car in person, a month prior to our trip.  Then two days before leaving for Texas,  Stone called just to make sure all was good.   Enterprise called the evening prior to our leaving saying they would see us bright and early the next morning to pick up our vehicle.  We arrived about ten minutes before Enterprise was to open.  As we pulled up, Stone's phone began ringing and it was Enterprise.  The conversation goes as follows.  Enterprise: hey Mr. Mitchell, just wanted to catch you before you drove over here.  Stone: I'm already here.  Enterprise:  we do not have any cars, I hope to have one by 11:30 or so this morning.  Stone: that doesn't work for us.  We have a fourteen hour drive ahead with timing commitments.  I made this reservation a month ago, and have talked to you twice in the past two days and was told all was good to go and now that we are packed and ready to go you tell me you have no cars!  Enterprise: sorry about that, I've called around and there just aren't any to be had.  I'll call you as soon as I get one.
I hope no one is waiting for a car from Enterprise because we still haven't heard from anyone at  Enterprise, and that has been seven days ago, therefore they must still be out of cars!!!
After delaying our trip an hour we decided to take Stone's car for our trip.  We squeezed all of the things that we were taking into the car, there wasn't any wiggle room.  
 As I was writing this blog I got mad all over again so I called Enterprise to file a complaint, which Enterprise here in Knoxville said, "filing a complaint would just get lost in all the paper work, I'll take care of it."  So here is the kicker.  I called Enterprise.  Get this, our reservation wasn't anywhere in the computer.  Hmmm, funny how we have a confirmation number with no reservation.  I asked if it was possible that someone, I'm not mentioning any names here, could take out that reservation after he had screwed up.  The answer was, I guess anything is possible. So they filled out a complaint and said that someone would get back to me in a day or two.   
To make matters worse, out of the fourteen hour drive, it POURED for nine of them.  Here is some surprising information.  We drove 864.99 miles, with all that heavy rain, at times you could barely see the car in front of you, and didn't see one accident, hallelujah.   I was so happy when we pulled up to mama's I could have kissed that Texas ground if I hadn't been to tired to bend over.   So the question is, will we drive again next time, I bet not, but then again, time does heal all things.  We will see.
After a good nights rest, our remaining time in Texas was wonderful.  We took mama shopping, out to eat numerous places, one of them being Padrino's http://www.fairfieldpadrinos.com which she had been wanting to try and lastly,  visiting family which is a must.  This was probably the first time that I was not ready to come back to Tennessee.  

My Beautiful Mama
She speaks ten words a second, with gust to fifty.


Being With Grandma


My niece, Jennifer of:

Jennifer and I

Painting by Ashtyn and I.

 My great nephew, Nolan and I


My brother, Robert (Bob to me) and I at our favorite restaurant, Old Mexican Inn, in Corsicana, Texas .  There is nothing any better than their margarita's and orange dip.