Sunday, April 27, 2014

Riding the Greenway on a Yellow Schwinn

For three and a half hours we rode our bicycles on the Greenways taking us on a journey through the shaded canopy of trees, spring foliage and water streams.  We took many stops along the way, including Campbell Station Park where we found a bench along a beautiful walking trail.  Bronze sculptures placed throughout the park adds an artsy feeling.  Many people where here today, having picnics, biking, walking their dogs, photographing babies, one in particular was having her one year old picture taken and was very excited to have a go at the cake.  There is a water creak that runs through the park, and with temperatures in the high 80's, some children where splashing around trying to keep cool.  Leaving the park we make our way further along the Greenway where we happened upon a friend of ours, Lynn who was also out biking.  We chatted for a bit and said our farewells as we forged ahead.  Continuing deeper into the Greenway we came upon numerous hills, some of which took us to first gear, others to walking.
After only getting lost once, having to get out my iPhone for directions we made our way to Walgreens for a much needed water stop.  Ultimately hydrating ourselves, we returned home completing a fourteen mile ride.  In a mere thirty minutes after arrival, a bumping thunder storm blew through.  Phew!!!!!

Me at Campbell Station Park

Our Yellow Schwinn's
Creek that runs through Campbell Station Park
Me and Lynn

Grinding up the trail on my Yellow Schwinn