Tuesday, April 22, 2014

House Mountain Recreational State Natural Area

What to do with leftover egg whites, spinach and ham (thank you Helen and Don) ?  A breakfast sandwich.  I had previously whipped up some biscuits to freeze so that I could bake them fresh as needed. I snagged two from the freezer and cooked them up.  Once done I place a slice of cheese, ham, some fresh spinach and an egg.  This made for a very filling pre-hike meal.
Once our meal was done, the dishes put away we loaded up the car with the important things, phones, hiking boots, bottles of water, and Lucy.  With the top down on the car we where on our way.  This is a picture of Lucy with the wind puffing her hair.  I know, she's beautiful.
House mountain is a 500-acre natural area.  The trails consists of steep slopes, and are heavily wooded and possess a unique combination of scenic views, rock outcrops and a variety of bird and plant life including poison ivy which we saw a great deal of.  

Near the crest we encountered a snake who wasn't willing to share the trail, we had no option but to turn around and head back to the parking lot.  Luckily Stone didn't let out his horrific man scream that he usually does upon seeing a snake.
After a rather quick descend from the mountain we make it back to the parking lot.   Lucy couldn't wait to get a drink.
Back home, Lucy was bathed and spent the remainder of the evening sleeping.  Hiking can wear a girl out.

Where is your favorite hike in East Tennessee?