Wednesday, July 20, 2016

My Birthday In Alaska

For 10 days we toured Alaska.  We flew into Fairbanks, from there we visited Denali, Healy where we stayed for two nights, Seward, Homer, Whittier, Cooper Landing, Moose Pass where we had a room for five nights, Hope a small Gold Rush town (my favorite), Girdwood, where we had lunch one day and lastly Anchorage where we hopped on a plane and made our way home.
 Our adventure began with a train ride aboard the Alaska Railroad Dome Car, from Fairbanks to Denali.


 Lunch on the train, not bad.

 Denali Lakeview Inn in Healy was our accommodations for two nights while we toured Denali National Park.

A few pictures of the view from our room.

 At 6:15 am., Stone and I boarded the bus at the Wilderness Access Center in Denali National Park for our 13 hour Kantishna Experience, which takes you to the end of the road and back, totaling 92.5 miles.

 Early morning clouds hanging over the mountains.

 Stone and I at the end of the road in Denali National Park

Planes are a very common site in Alaska.

Our rail ride from Denali to Anchorage where we rented a car for the remainder of our stay.

For a week, we stayed at the Summit Lake Lodge in Moose Pass.

Homer Split is a town at the end of the Sterling Highway.  It is located on the beautiful coastal waters of Kachemak Bay.  Stone and I spent the afternoon walking the beach and watching the otters. 

 Homer Port & Harbor


I wished I could say Stone and I caught these.

While in Seward, we walked a portion of the trail where the Iditarod began.


 The chilly temps did not keep this family from swimming.

While in Alaska, I learned how beloved this plant, the Fireweed is.  Many people feel bitter-sweet when they see it flower because it foretells the coming of winter.  It begins blooming low in the stem in the height of summer and by the time the blooms reach the very top, the first snow is imminent.

  The Harbor in Whittier

During the week we did a boat tour aboard the Prince William Sound.  Lucky we were able to see 2 whales, although they were pretty far away.  

 Otter basting in the sun.

 One of many glaciers we saw in Alaska.

 Hope was my favorite town that we visited in Alaska.  Although the population is only 192, it was the happening place.  The salmon are running and many where trying their hand at fly-fishing.

 The town of Hope.

 Many were camping the weekend during the salmon run.

 This man and his two brothers spent the day fishing. He walked by many times with a load of fish.  One of his brothers spent the entire time we were there cleaning the salmon.

Russian River Falls begins in Cooper Landing

 The trail is two miles each way.

Russian Lakes Trail