Monday, December 28, 2015

MEMOREX "Build The Resistance" Video Contest

The MEMOREX "Build the Resistance" video contest is down to its last 5 Days!!! My Brothers improve video which was shot on an IPhone (per rules) is in the Top 10 and is currently in second place! At this stage the winner is determined by the Total number of Views!!!! I'm asking that all of my friends please go to the link 3-5 times throughout the day from as many different devices that you have and watch the video at least for a total of 2 minutes each time. After viewing, click the like button to the right of the video.  Also if you don't mind repost the link to any social media that you may have and ask your friends to do the same!! This clip has my Brother Robert (Baryon Helium), the great Burton Gilliam (Blazing Saddles) and Joey Lawrence (Blossom) in it. It is a total wink and a nod to Burton Gilliam and MEMOREX loves it!!!