Saturday, December 12, 2015

A Cousins Evening In Nashville

It had been numerous years since I had seen my cousin Debbie.  I'm embarrassed to say how many since neither one of us could remember how long.   
 It all started back in the summer when we reconnected via Facebook.  See, there are some positives regarding social media.  I immediately showed Stone her picture and he said, "she's pretty, I see the family resemblance."  And so the journey began.  We begun conversing with one another and low and behold, I found out she also lives in Tennessee.   I thought I was here is these hills all alone.   Well, actually not alone as I do have Stone and our baby girl Lucy, who's not really a baby, but a dog and will be ten on Valentine's Day.  I've never really lived close to any relatives before. 
 Over the past months, Debbie and I have texted and talked on the phone, trying to pin point a date to get together.  What better time than the holidays.  We were determined to meet up before the New Year!  Finally the chosen date had arrived. Stone and I drove to Nashville where we were to meet Debbie and her husband Lynn at Puckett's for dinner, then on to Tootie's Orchard Lounge for some music.   Nashville, as usual, was packed.  It took about an hour for a table, which was no problem, seeing that we had lots of catching up to do.   Our sweet waitress came by the table numerous times to take our order, and we hadn't looked at the menu.  Finally we focused just long enough so that we could get that done and we were back to rediscovering the past.  I mean seriously, one evening isn't long enough to catch up on all those years.   

Me and Debbie
As they say,"Texas girls living in a Tennessee world."

Hmmm, which way do we look?  Both our men were taking pictures.

Debbie and Lynn, adorable!