Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Home Sweet Home

Home Sweet Home

Stone and I spent a week in Pennsylvania helping Delia and Michael move and settle into their first house.  We carried boxes up and down stairs.  We painted, trimmed hedges, cleaned windows, ran errands, shopped and took care of Speck, who slept with Stone and I many of these nights.  This I didn't tell our Lucy who would have been JEALOUS!!!!  


While Stone and I were visiting, Delia and Michael attended the Exceptional Care for Children's 7th Annual  Spring Gala in New Jersey.  Exceptional Care for Children provides transitional, long-term, and end of life or palliative care to children who are all medically fragile and dependent on medical technology for survival.

Stone assisting Michael with his pocket square.

Michael, like all southern men take pride in knowing how to tie a bow-tie.  Therefore he was not happy with the pre-tied that accompanied the tux.  Any bow-tie aficionado would be able to spot the difference.

 Delia and Michael as they where leaving to attend the 

Delia looking exquisite in her gown while Michael is smashing in his tux.

After a busy week of moving and unpacking, the first meal was served at the new house.  As Stone would say, "what could be better than waffles?"  My man loves him some waffles, and Delia puts chocolate chips in the ones she makes.  And everyone knows chocolate makes everything just plain YUM.

I loved this!!!

Maybe Speck was sad because Stone and I were heading to the airport.  Could it be he wanted us to stay?  I'm sure he was thinking about all the neck scratches he would be missing.  Stone is Speck's personal neck scratcher.  He's one lucky dog.

So pitiful.

This home is filled with kisses, wagging tails, wet noses and love, just saying!

Speck would drag this rug around the house putting it where he wanted to be.  Until the rest of the furniture arrived he had claimed this spot.

As in my house, there will be many meals and conversations that will take place around their table.